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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate basic questions you might have about Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings and provide the answers here. Please contact us at  or call (888) 755-7013 to discuss your particular needs!





What services will Stone Construction Inc. provide?

SCI is capable of providing a turn key package, erecting the building only or helping you as a consultant.  We are also able to perform replacement and repair services.  After we talk about your project requirements, the actual scope of service can be determined.


What is a "PEMB"?

PEMB is an acronym for Pre-Engineered Metal Building. They typically have longer horizontal spans between vertical supports than does a wood frame building. The longer spans between supports allows for greater flexibility of interior design.  It is not a wood frame building that has metal siding and/or roof applied, such as an Agricultural Building. 


What is a PEMB Dealer?

A PEMB Dealer is typically a contractor that has a relationship with a PEMB Manufacturer.  This relationship provides the best assurance of having your building erected to your specifications in a timely manner.  As in any industry, the range in quality of product and service can vary greatly.  As an owner, questions should include everything from the source of raw materials to project closeout.  All elements of the building process, the manufacturer, dealer and owner need to have faith and trust in each other.   


How much does a pre-engineered metal building cost?

There are so many variables, a standard square foot price will not give you a reliable estimate of the price.


What information is required to get a quote on a Pre-Engineered Metal Building?

This is a question that cannot be answered in a short space, because there are so many options. For a basic building, it should not be difficult to develop a budget number.  From an engineering standpoint, the zip code usually works for determining the environmental loads.  The size of the building, including the height of the inside ceiling, if you have particular needs such as fork lift traffic. The size and types of openings, will have an impact on the quote. Buildings requiring elevated signage or steeples, and other miscellaneous loads need to be accounted for in the structure, affecting the price.  We will be glad to discuss your application to provide a preliminary estimate.  If you have an Architect, their drawings are all that is required.ess to Architect's drawings if they are available.


Steel Buildings are boxy and plain looking, I want something that does not look so "industrial".

Technology and pleasing aesthetics have not passed by the steel building industry!  There are many options to create a facade that no one will recognize the structure as a steel building.  Brick or stucco transform that ordinary box into an architecturally appealing building.


How long will a Pre-Engineered Metal Building last?

As with any building, with proper maintenance, a steel building will last more than a lifetime!  Most important is that the insulation and roofing/siding remain intact.  Any perforations of either membrane should be repaired quickly. These holes will allow moisture inside the wall cavity; the siding or roofing will allow exterior water to infiltrate, and tears in the insulation will allow condensation to occur.


Steel Buildings are not very "Green" because they are not well insulated.

NOT TRUE!!  The insulation systems developed for steel building allow for fewer laps than conventional wood frame buildings.  Air infiltration is kept to a minimum, and the newer Energy Codes dictate the amount of insulation required.


Steel Buildings are not very "Green" because of the amount of energy required to manufacture the steel.

NOT TRUE!!  Because steel has such a high strength capacity, it takes many fewer cubic feet of material to create buildings that are better supported.  In addition, nearly 100% of the steel can be recycled at the end of the useful life of the building.  All of the cut off material during the fabrication of the building is recycled.  If one assumes that pound for pound, wood and steel are equal in strength; then it would require approx 17 cubic feet of lumber to equal the strength of 1 cubic foot of steel.


Are the buildings really engineered, or just fabricated the way they used to build them?

Each building is designed by Structural Engineers, and every reputable building manufacturer will have an Engineer's seal on the finished product. Each building is designed for the location where it will be erected.  This assures the criteria for wind, snow and seismic loads are properly applied.


Why can't I just buy a kit from the internet and install it myself?

You can.  However, buildings typically sold through a Dealer network utilize a single source of material, not items outsourced to the lowest bidder. Erecting a steel building does not use the same procedures as erecting a wood frame building. The spans are longer, and the material is heavier.  Your Steel Building Dealer has the specialized tools and experience to erect the building in the proper sequence.  Even though all of the structural components are manufactured to align, every thing must be exactly plumb, square and level.  In addition, in the event of missing or damaged parts, your Dealer will have better access to expedite special orders.  Reputable Dealers provide a warranty on the installation as well.


What is the cost of ownership of a PEMB?

Metal Buildings are typically easier to maintain than other structures designed for the same application.  Hazard insurance rates are usually lower, but check with your insurance agent to be sure. A PEMB offers a high quality product that requires a minimum of maintenance.


What is "Value Engineered"?

We have an entire page dedicated to that topic .  Read about it here.


What is the Main Frame and Secondary Frame?

The Main Frames are the massive vertical and sloped roof members that provide the main structural suport for the building.  The spacing can be varied to achieve the most economical building system. The secondary frame is the roof purlins and wall girts that provide for the attachment of the insulation and metal roof/wall sheeting. Read about Value Engineering and Green Building here.

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