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Features and Benefits of a Pre-Engineered Metal Building

All Metal Construction will not shrink, twist or warp like wood.

Weather strips and fittings stay in place, that will minimize air and water infiltration.   There will not be any unsightly failures of finished wall surfaces because of the building "drying out".

All Metal Building Construction provides year round stability.

In a temperate climate where the extremes between summer and winter may vary greatly, a metal building will not be influenced by the changes in climate.  This means that doors and windows will not be "bound" by high humidty.  

Metal building roofing panels ship in lengths up to 50' long.

Longer panels mean no or fewer splices in the roof.  Fewer splices mean fewer opportunities for water penetration.

The main frame is shipped with spray applied primer.

The main frame is supplied with a primer finish.  If the interior will be painted, the preparation time can be be reduced by having the primer shop applied.  If the interior will not be painted, the primer is a clean finished appearance. There is not any unsightly rust stains and welding burn marks.

Insulation batts are shipped in widths up to 6' wide.

By having longer and wider rolls of insulation, there are fewer laps. Fewer laps means less opportunity for air infiltration, a leading cause of higher energy consumption.

Galvanized Secondary Framing

Galvaning protects against rust during and after construction.  It is also is a brighter, cleaner appearance interior if left exposed.

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Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings- Structural Steel;  Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Worship

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